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ST.TOS fanmix - Can't Have You (Have Control) [K/S, Spock POV]

A proud Vulcan, troubled by his emotions, is afraid to come too close to a young, ambitious Starfleet captian who's not quite ready to settle down just yet. God, I love how this is just plain classic tragedy: they're doomed from the start because they are who they are. They can't walk away from this, but neither can they be happy with each other (not at this time anyhow). This fanmix follows Spock from the end of their relationship to his departure back to Vulcan. The companion piece will be all about Jim being sad and left behind... :(



01. Kings Of Leon - “The End”
I see you in the evening
Sitting on your throne
You're playing with the fireball,
And post it up against the wall
I just wanna hold you
Take you by your hand
And tell you that you're good enough
Tell ya that it's gonna be tough

02. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "And I'm Aching"
I can't wait for long, my darling
all I have to keep me strong

03. Anouk - "Losing My Religion"
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes
Oh no I've said too much

04. Brian Mc Fadden (feat. Delta Goodrem) - "Almost Here"
But when I need you, you're almost here
(Well I never knew how far behind I'd left you)
And when I hold you, you're almost here
(Well I'm sorry that I took our love for granted)

05. Radiohead - "Karma Police"
For for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

06. Archive - “Lights”
It hurts to feel
It hurts to hear
It hurts to face it
It hurts to hide
It hurts to touch
It hurts to wake up
It hurts to remember
It hurts to hold on

07. David Gray - "Nightblindness"
Where were you when I needed you?
where were you when I needed,
where were you when i needed you?
Living it up, laughing it up, living it up

08. Starsailor - "Coming Down"
Waste your days
On your own
Getting drunk
getting stoned
I'm sober
Still alone

09. Angie Stone - I Wish I Didn't Miss You Anymore
Wish you'd bring back the man I knew
Was good to me, oh Lord

10. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Shade Of Blue"
I've been here before, I know this shade of blue, it's you
I've felt your touch before, I know your way, a ghostlike sense of state, you're gone
So it seems you know me, I will wait for you, I do
I don't care if you can take it
I can't take it anymore, I'll die

11. Maroon 5 - "Not Coming Home"
When you answer the door pick up the phone
You won't find me cause I'm not coming home


For different sizes and also resources for the cover art see here


Can't Have You (Have Control) (Spock POV)
Harder Now That It's Over (Kirk POV) or dl directly from MF
MF folder for both fanmixes
The zip files contain the songs, the lyrics, and the cover art. Should the links be broken, let me know and I re-upload. Plus, if you want to listen to more fanmixes (ST.TOS: Happy Tiems (K/S), ST.Reboot (K/S), SPN (D/C), SGA (McShep), Merlin (M/A), BtVS (B/S), DW (Doctor/Rose)) let me know, and I'll get those on the road, too. :)

Next up: "Harder Now That It's Over (Kirk POV)"!

I'd appreciate it if you'd just drop me a line that you dl'ed, liked it, or simply can't stand the idea of listening to yet another droopy fanmix. :) Just so I get a feeling for how many people are even interested in this, you know? ♥
I might f-lock this entry in a week or so, or maybe make the dl-links available via PM's, but I haven't decided yet.

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